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Banana Sky
Banana Sky DVD-Photography and Music for Relaxation and Balance
Our Price: $9.00

Banana Sky DVD-Photography and Music for Relaxation and Balance

Photography by Sheila Finkelstein
Music by Jeannie Fitzsimmons, ASCAP

Relieve Stress Naturally with Banana Sky DVD
Originally created for Caregivers as an opportunity for them to experience peace and rejuvenation through the continuously playing loop of photography and music, BANANA SKY DVD reaches a wide range of people who are ill as well as those who are in good health. It makes a great gift.
Dignity cd
Dignity (CD) Songs and Stories for Caregivers
Our Price: $12.98

Dignity for Caregivers

Listening to Dignity is like sitting in the company of a friend who knows our hearts and has walked where we have walked; who knows our trials and blessings, joys and tears, and our fears and sorrows. This resource was created for busy caregivers who find it difficult to find the time to schedule one more thing, yet need encouragement and support and, most of all – to feel understood.
The Educated Caregiver
The Educated Caregiver, Vol 1, 2, 3 Complete DVD Set
Our Price: $49.95

The Educated Caregiver - 3 DVDs
Information, Strategies and Support for Those Caring for a Loved One

Providing care for a loved one is one of the toughest jobs anyone can ever have. Not only must caregivers deal with an exhausting physical routine but a difficult emotional burden, too. They often feel alone, not sure where to turn for support or for practical knowledge they need.

Together, the three DVDs in this series represent an encyclopedia of information, and instruction guide and a "support group" that are as close and convenient as your DVD Player.